About Us

The Medical Mask Superstore is all about "Air to Lungs" filtration systems and all of the aspects associated with keeping the air you breath as clean and fresh as can be.  Medical masks or what are also known as "respirators" have come a very long way in the last decade with innovations that make wearing a oral filtration device as comfortable as ever.  

We are industry leaders in creating and offering the very best in optimal efficient respirators that will keep your lungs cleaner than if you went without.  These are huge health questions today and the Medical Mask Superstore is here to give you the very best in design, functionality and price.

We also know how important the fashion aspect of facial respirators can be so we keep all of these things in mind to give and your entire family the very best in oral air filtration.

Our Head offices are located in Los Angeles, California at:

1458 S San Pedro St. Unit L31 - Los Angeles, CA 90015


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