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KN95 Face Masks Air Valve

KN95 Face Masks - With or Without an Air Valve?

The KN95 face mask has been one of the more popular face mask choices for people who would like to have a higher level of protection from particles and fluids.  The KN95 is similar to N95 with almost the same specifications.  They come in a wide variety of colors with black being the most popular.  Other colors include blue, white, charcoal and heather grey.  With a new mix of colors and a higher sense of security, the KN95 mask offers a wonderful mix of style , comfort and protection.  The final question is whether the mask should have an air valve or no air valve.

The answer to the air valve question is one that is up to the wearer.  The air valve uses a simple system of air in and air out.  Air coming in places suction of the rubber valve closing off the opening and air going out pushes the air valve open and lets air out.  The physics is sound and the ability to breath is certainly enhanced.  The question is ... is it unsafe?

There have been a few studies that show that the air valve is not a huge elevated risk but it also depends on who you ask.  There maybe be some slight differences between the two and it would be logical to state that a KN95 mask without an air valve would be more secure and that does make sense.  If you prefer the most protection and are not hindered by the breathability of KN95 face mask then you do not need an air valve but if you want added comfort then a KN95 with an air valve is the one for you.



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